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Lai Wan Market

Dim Sum specialties

Guangzhou's first choice for Dim Sum specialties and snacks, Lai Wan Market offers special sampans where you can soak up the atmosphere of old Canton.

Restaurant Information


Tel: (86-20) 8333 8989 ext. 3922/3923



Opening hours

07:00 - 24:00

About Lai Wan Market

A typical Chinese market place serving Cantonese snacks and dishes. The concept originates from the night scene of the famous Lai Chee Wan decades ago. 10 Chinese sampans, each named after a fisher girl, vegetable fences and banyan trees are special features seen in the restaurant.

Signature Dishes

Chaozhou Styled Steamed Dumpling

Chaozhou Styled Steamed Dumpling

Crispy Skinned Chicken

Crispy Skinned Chicken

Baked Sesame Puff Pastry

Baked Sesame Puff Pastry

Dining Offers

Ladies Night @ Connoisseur

Wear your high heels, get along with your girlfriends and enjoy exquisite food and wide-selection of drinks for a memorable fun-filled girls night out at Connoisseur.

Shared Moment

Relax and indulge over a high tea with a selection of delicious canapé and sweet treats, accompanied by your choice of coffee or tea.

Traditional Handmade Savory Dim Sum @ Laiwan

Laiwan Market presents over 32 years of homemade and authentic Canton Delicacies, an absolute diner’s choice Dim Sum in Town.